The beautiful parish


Prazeres. The beauty it offers is in the origin of the name (pleasure, in English).

The civil parish arises from the original headquarters of the ecclesiastic parish, the chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, built there long before the ecclesiastic parish was created.

Prazeres stands out as being a wide terrace. From here apparently distant places can be seen, in perfect combination with the ocean, a unique meeting point between land and sea, making Prazeres one of the most picturesque parishes on the island.

Originally connected to the Estreito da Calheta parish, Prazeres became independent along with some farmhouses of Fajã da Ovelha on December 18, 1676.

The parish is washed by several streams: Ribeiro de Inês, Ribeira do Batel and Ribeira da Lombada and is crossed and irrigated by the Levada do Rabaçal watercourse.

It has a pleasant climate with mild temperatures all year round. Due to its location, the winters are not very harsh and the summers are hot.

How to Get There

From Funchal, take the freeway in the direction of Ribeira Brava (FunchalRibeira Brava). Take the Ribeira Brava turnoff.

Follow the signposts to Calheta and Prazeres.

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